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We are the world’s leading lifestyle product and entertainment marketing company. Period. Others may lay claim to the fame, but we prefer to let the clients and the results speak for themselves. We bring consumer products to the public with new and innovative means. We have access to various marketing and media outlets that reach the top ten percent of consumers that are decision makers, trendsetters and leaders in adopting a new product.

Trip Concierge and Likwid Marketing utilize  a strategic combination of marketing outlets that consistently attract the who’s who of business, fashion, politics and entertainment no matter where in the world we are. This in turn attracts the public at large and gives your product massive exposure. We achieve this by being very attuned to the global jet set and international marketing trends.

In addition to our marketing projects for our clients we organize various high profile society events around the world with the global super elite attending. Whether it’s private Yacht Parties during the Grand Prix de Monte Carlo, sailing regatta’s in the Bahamas or an annual Masked Ball in Venice. We are at the forefront of marketing trends.


Our Certified Travel Advisors are always with you wherever you are in the world. We predict and react instantly when things go wrong, so you are never on your own.

20th Century Studios

When a movie company such as 20th Century Studios launches a movie, it is not enough to just build a website or show a few trailers. The movie needs to be promoted from the ground up to the right people at the right time. We have long-standing experience with entertainment and movie marketing. We come up with ingenious ways of marketing each movie, whether its turning a venue into a real life set of the movie. Run trailers on oversized screens around the city. Or hold prize giveaways to the premiere, and turn a few heads along the way. But we are not only there for the premiere. We help the movie through its entire life cycle, from before it goes on the big screen to when movies go on streaming services. We are there to bring it to the home market through prizing, giveaways and helping streaming providers market and sell movies.


We have extensive experience in sectors such as alcoholic beverages and Fashion& Lifestyle Products. One of our many clients, the LVMH Group, has entrusted us with marketing its unique portfolio of some 60 prestigious brands. Once again, we leave the media buy up to the agencies. But we take a grassroots approach to marketing. Our focus is on giving great attention to product placement and association. And with 59 billion Euro's in revenues, the LVMH Group is a world leader in luxury. If the world leader of lifestyle products relies on us in marketing their brands, imagine what we can do for yours. We take great care in making sure your brand is presented exactly as it is specified in the brand-marketing plan. We can assure this through our in-house design and creative talent and our close working relationship with our clients.


Get out there and have some fun. Try strange foods, see awesome sights and make some wonderful new friends even while social distancing. We find sweet destination activities that will make your visit even better.


We’ve got you covered. Get pandemic travel protection. Lost your bags? Go shopping on us. Feeling unwell? See one of our a pre-screened physicians.  It’s all part of our comprehensive trip medical, cancellation and interruption insurance program.

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Trip Concierge combines event management and our travel management Service for seamless travel for your team, leaders and key guests. Complemented by our unparalleled 7-star certified trave experts for seamless business journeys. Your group travel seamlessly integrates with everyone's schedules. Experience a unified solution for both your event and travel requirements.

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