Terms & Conditions

Trip Concierge is about great travel at fair prices. We try to keep our terms of service as simple as possible, however some restrictions apply to avoid abuse of the system. They are outlined below. By booking with Trip Concierge, you hereby agree to the below general terms and conditions.

By using our services you agree to the following:

Journey's and Tours

Service Fees

Our goal is to be as clear as possible about service fees we charge. Excellent service does cost money. In general, Trip Concierge charges a 15% markup on all its services, in the form of a journey arrangement fee, charter management fee, destination management fee, or other similar names. This fee is charged separately and is in addition to the cost of membership, program or contract fees and any booked travel, services or penalties imposed by our suppliers. We reserve the right to offer loyalty discounts to certain customers. Our fees are more clearly defined and explained below:

Service Fee Schedule

Supplier Imposed Fees:
  • Airline Ticketing $25 per passenger (waived for members)
  • Ticket Re-Issue Fee $35 per ticket
  • Flight Hold Fees $25 per passenger
  • Airline Change Fees (varies by airline $50-$500)
  • Cancellation Fee (please see your reservation terms)
  • Upgrades, seats, bags, priority (varies by airline)
Trip Concierge Fees:
  • Individual Hotel Booking Fees: NONE
  • Non-refundable Booking Change Fee: $50-$100
  • Group Booking/Contracts: 15% of total net booking
  • Group Cancellation: 15% of total net booking
  • Net Rate Bookings are subject to a markup of 5-15%
  • Document / Invoice Retrieval Fee: $25 per item
  • Credit Card fee surcharge of 3.5% (non-refundable)
Lifestyle Management Fees:
  • General Administrative Services $35 per hour
  • Executive Services: $150 per hour
  • Personal Concierge: $100 per hour
  • Personal Shopping: Min $250 or 5% of total net purchases
  • Restaurant Reservations & Show Bookings: $50
  • Videography/Photography Services: 15% of net contract
  • Luxury Consulting: $1,000 min or 5% total net purchase
  • Jet & Yacht Charters: 15% of net charter contract
  • Catering & Group Dining: 15% of net dining contract
Membership Fees (Per Individual):
  • Smart+ from $68 per month
  • Premium from $183 per month
  • Posh from $459 per month
  • Luxe from $1,208 per month
  • Lifestyle from $2,083 per month
  • Rates may receive volume and loyalty discounts.

Service Fees Are Non-Refundable. We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance to cover these fees in the event of cancellation.

Journey Arrangement

We charge a journey arrangement fee on complex itineraries and group travel arrangements that take a lot of time to plan by our travel advisors. This is to compensate them for the professional time spent on planning an itinerary. This fee is non-refundable and payable upfront.

Individual Travel:
  • 12-15% of total travel budget
Group Travel:
  • 12-15% of total travel budget

Journey Arrangement Fees Are Non-Refundable. We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance to cover these fees in the event of cancellation.

Destination Management

We charge a destination management fee on complex itineraries and group travel where a lot of time and effort is required by our travel advisors to coordinate individual travelers. This is to compensate them for their professional time spent. This fee is calculated based on the net rate (before tax) of the total budget.

Group Travel
  • 12-15% of total travel budget
Corporate Housing or Extended Stays
  • 12-15% of total travel budget

Destination Management Fees Are Non-Refundable. We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance to cover these fees in the event of cancellation.

Charter Management

We charge a charter management fee on yacht and private jet charters where a lot of time and effort is required by our travel advisors to coordinate individual travelers. This is to compensate them for their professional time spent. This fee is calculated based on the net rate (before tax) of the total budget.

Yacht Charter
  • 12-15% of total net budget
Private Jet Charter
  • 12-15% of total net budget

Charter Management Fees Are Non-Refundable. We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance to cover these fees in the event of cancellation.


We charge a convenience fee to contact the respective hotel, airline, car, cruise and tour company accounting departments for copies of a final guest folio.

All Travelers
  • $25 per invoice/folio

This only applies to invoices and folios that are not available on our system, or that have not been paid through us.

Commissionable Rates

A travel agency's primary income is earned through commissions paid to us by travel suppliers. These commissions can vary depending on the supplier and may impact the choices we offer our guests. When booking travel through Trip Concierge, guests should assume they are paying a commissionable rate, this rate is usually equal to the lowest rate offered by a supplier to the public. Where net industry rates are being offered by a supplier, or rates garnered through a  membership or loyalty program, Trip Concierge reserves the right to markup the rate to a competitive public rate or to charge a destination management fee in lieu of a markup. Commissions earned by travel agencies are independent of, and on top of any Journey Arrangement Fees we charge, whether individual or for group or complex travel arrangements.

Price Match Guarantee

We pride ourselves in offering competitive pricing for travel products. If you find a price that is comparable in its terms, and lower than we offer, we encourage you to let us know. The Price Match Guarantee applies only to identical bookings that are publicly available for purchase online. The bookings must include the same travel dates, payment terms, cancellation terms, service or type category, number of passengers, and travel itinerary. The guarantee is valid only for bookings made through Trip Concierge and not for bookings made directly with airlines, hotels, or other travel suppliers discount, loyalty or membership programs. To claim the guarantee, customers must provide proof of the lower price prior to booking with our travel agency. Proof of the lower price may include a screenshot or a link to the website where the lower price is advertised. The guarantee applies to the base fare and any applicable taxes, but not to fees or any other additional charges. The guarantee does not apply to package deals, group bookings, or bookings made through loyalty program points. The guarantee is valid only for bookings made in the same currency as the lower-priced offer. Trip Concierge reserves the right to verify the lower price and to refuse to match the price if we determine that the lower price is not valid or if the terms and conditions of the lower price differ significantly from those of the original booking. We reserve the right to modify or cancel the guarantee at any time without prior notice. The decision of Trip Concierge regarding any aspect of the Price Match Guarantee program, including eligibility, interpretation, and fulfillment of any claim, is final. By participating in the Price Match Guarantee program, customers agree to these terms and conditions.

Waivers and Refund Policy

Our service fees are charged to cover the costs of processing and providing our travel services. Please note that all service and journey arrangement fees are non-refundable, regardless of the circumstances. This means that if a guest chooses to cancel or modify a booking, or if there is a problem with the service provided, or the customer fails to pay in a timely manner, or services are cancelled due to missed payment deadlines, the fees will not be refunded and will be applied against any partial payments that have been received. Should a partial payment not cover the service fees, Trip Concierge reserves the right to collect the balance owed to us, or to send the amounts to a collection agency. We furthermore reserve the right to report any payment defaults to global credit reporting agencies. By using our services, you agree to these terms and conditions regarding service fees. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, but we are unable to make exceptions to this policy. In certain circumstances Trip Concierge reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refund, reduce or waive the above fees on a case by case basis for charges imposed by, or paid directly to, Trip Concierge. Trip Concierge has no control over booking, contract and refund policies by third party suppliers. We highly encourage our guests to take out travel insurance to cover these fees in case of changes, delays or cancellations for covered reasons.

Things to Remember

Booking in Advance

One of the benefits of membership is that the only thing you need to do is choose a destination and a date. No more scouring websites for hotel deals and being duped by airlines confusing pricing tricks. To keep things organised, and although we will do our best to arrange for last minute travel, please remember that domestic bookings in the United States are best booked with at least two week advance notice. And international travel requires three weeks advance notice for the best price. We cannot guarantee availability for ultra-last minute bookings. So remember, 2 Weeks for Domestic, 3 Weeks for International trips.

We will Choose the Airline and Departure Times

Membership with us means never having to travel on a low cost carrier ever again. Our goal is to get you there as quickly and efficiently as possible with the least hassle. We have spent years refining routes and finding the best options. Because you don't have to worry about finding the best and most efficient route. We will try to cater to your airline preferences and you get to earn and keep all the miles - that's even more vacations.

Our preferred airlines are the majors including Delta, American and United. Our preferred airlines for Europe are Delta, American, Air France, KLM, Virgin Atlantic, United, Lufthansa, SAS, Swiss and British Airways (London only). Our preferred airlines for Asia are United and ANA. Our preferred airlines for Latin America are American and United.

We will Choose Your Hotel based On Your Personal Preferences

Our team has travelled, researched and ranked over 450 hotels worldwide. We always ensure hotels are of the highest quality, in great locations either downtown, near the beach or close to sights of interest. We make every effort to choose the best hotel available at every destination. Your hotel category is usually determined by your personal preferences. You can always change your preferences by speaking to your personal travel expert. Also remember that for individual memberships hotel rooms are booked for maximum double-occupancy. Children under age 18 do not require a membership. If you travel with friends you may add them under our Companion Membership add-on to your plan and you can always bring someone along.

We choose the Activities Based On Our Experience and your Interests

You could argue that there are too many activities to please everyone. Our experience tells us that there are many activities that you will regret. Activities always sound great on a website. But once you get there you realise its totally the wrong thing to do for the destination, the service is awful, or worse somebody ran away with your money. We know the destinations, we even know which snorkelling adventure on the Galapagos is the best - because we have been there. Members in a higher membership tier can choose lower tier activities as well. Please make this request at the time of booking.

With Trip Concierge You Never Travel Alone

The worst part of booking travel on your own is if something goes wrong. Who hasn't been on hold for hours with the airline due to a cancellation or bad weather. With us you are never alone, if something goes wrong on your trip, we are here to help. A simple text email or call will spring us into action. Whether that is rebooking you on another flight, finding alternative hotels, or getting you home in case of a medical emergency. We have you covered.

Trips Are Usually Non-Refundable Unless Noted on Reservation

You have 24 hours to change your mind with flights. Once booked and confirmed, flights are usually non-refundable, unless specifically stated on your reservation confirmation. Generally with airlines, you will get a future travel credit, less any fees. With hotels, a no-show usually requires you to pay a 1-night penalty. Prepaid hotels are usually non-refundable. We highly advise trip insurance for this reason. If you want to sign up to trip insurance, its not too late. Please contact us at 1-800-503-8173 or via email at ask@tripconcierge.co

Trip Insurance is Recommended

Although our higher member tiers automatically have trip insurance included, smart and smart international members may want to consider adding trip Insurance. Because trips are non-refundable, you want to ensure that you are able to recover the cost in the case of a medical, family or personal emergency. More importantly it provides you with peace of mind when you are in a foreign country. Our insurance is offered through Allianz Global Protection, one of the largest insurers in the world. Insurance coverage is an annual plan and covers all your travel, even ones not booked with us. The insurance coverage goes above and beyond any insurance covered by your credit card provider.

Membership is flexible and never locked-in

When you join, you can select any membership tier. We usually offer a free trial period. For extra savings you can pay your annual fee in advance. You can cancel your membership at any time, but you must settle the remainder of your outstanding membership fee for a particular month. If you have a covered reason, you can recover the cost through your trip insurance coverage. Trip Concierge for Business memberships can be suspended for up to three months without penalty.