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Solomon Islands Travel Guide

Utterly enchanting and very underrated, Solomon Islands are a group of beautiful islands found to the east of Papua New Guinea in the Pacific Ocean. Named after King Solomon and his impressive and never ending wealth, Solomon Islands consist of 6 major islands and hundreds of tiny islands. If you have forgotten the Pacific or have never seen it before, start with the Solomon Islands because it doesn’t get better than that. Get ready to experience your not-so-usual beaches, raging waves and surfing spots, lava-kissed volcanos, endless hikes that could quite possibly lead to the heavens, and dense tropical forests that are a haven for Eco tourists. The best part? Most of it is unexplored and you will almost never find any crowds.

Sights to visit in Solomon Islands

Here are the must visit islands, islets, and lagoons in the Solomon Islands.

Marovo Lagoon

On the eastern side of the New Georgia, you will find the best lagoon the world has to offer, the Marovo Lagoon. It has large islands on its either sides that you could travel to if you need to, but it’s not likely that you’d want to go away from this place. It is filled with coconut trees, rainforests, coral reefs, and many private islands you could spend your entire days at. You also have a very good chance of witnessing the rare Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin on the Marovo Lagoon. Go deep sea diving, explore deep caves and stunning coral gardens, and come across fishes of the rarest kind. Lodges would be more than happy to arrange lagoon or snorkeling tours for you, but you have to bring your own gear.


Honiara, the capital of Solomon Islands, is the first place you’ll arrive at. The city is the hub of all activity, trade, and markets of the Solomon Islands. Home to the US War Memorial, National Museum, Botanical gardens and the Cathedral, the list of attractions are endless. Visitors will also find a number of decent hotels, lodges, and restaurants.

Skull Island

Somewhere around the west of New Georgia, you will find the vastly interesting Skull Island. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for the right audience, it’s very appealing. The tiny islet serves as the final destination for the skulls of hundreds of warriors and people who died during or before the war. One of the eerie sights is the skull house, a shrine 1which is constructed with the skulls of Rendovan chiefs, their people along with their valuables such as the clamshell rings.


Bonegi just might be the most attractive place in the whole of Solomon Islands if you are a fan of diving. 12 km away from Honiara, Bonegi is a haven for divers, snorkelers and for those seeking a good dose of sun. Diving around the Bonegi, you can find the amazing sight of two Japanese freighters sunken deep on the bed of the ocean. A black sand beach completes the whole package making Bonegi a place you just can’t miss.

Food & Local Cuisine

The food and local cuisine of the Solomon Islands is influenced vastly by other countries that came and ruled at one point or another. Its food culture mainly holds elements and flavors from the Spanish, Indians, and the Asians. If you are a fan of vegetarian food, you will find quite a few exotic dishes here. The most notable foods you can have in the Solomon Islands are Ulu, tropical fruits served with caramel or whipped cream and Poi. Poi and Ulu are exclusive dishes that are served with other dishes.

Libations and Entertainment

The Solomon Islands have a culture filled with diversity. You will find one of the most unique forms of music in the Solomon Islands, especially the bamboo music. The Island Jay’s Caribbean Libation drink is one of the unique drinks available on the islands among a few others. Remember, the legal drinking age is 21.


The Solomon Islands have a wide range of accommodation available for almost everyone. There are hotels, resorts, backpacker style places to live at, ecofriendly lodges and private cabins overlooking the water. They can be expensive or moderate depending on the type you choose. In the capital of Honiara, you can find places suiting to all types of budgets while in other places, you can find cabins, village stays and even a whole private island if you are interested in that.

Best times to go to 

Solomon Islands

There is no one season to visit the Solomon Islands. Instead you can visit whenever it suits you the best. If you are fond of diving and exploring the seas, you should consider visiting from December to March. If you want to explore the lands, you should visit through June to September. The remaining months offer a balanced routine when the weather is dry, calm and in control making it a pleasant experience.

Things to do in 

Solomon Islands

  • Dive deep while scuba diving in Bonega to witness the sunken Japanese freighters
  • Visit the Vilu War Museum and WWII Museum in Honiara to find the leftovers of the World Wars
  • Swim with the fish and try to find the rare bottlenose Dolphin on the gorgeous Marovo Lagoon
  • Hike to Mt Mariu and Mt Reku
  • Travel to the fascinating Skull Island
  • Rent a whole private land
  • Enjoy the carefree and calm experiences on the extraordinary unexplored beaches

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Best Ways to Get To 

Solomon Islands

The only international airport, Honiara International Airport, is located 8 km from the capital Honiara. Solomon Islands, Fiji Airways and Virgin Australia are the airlines that operate to and from the airport. Flights arrive and go within the nearby areas including Brisbane, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea. By-air is not the only option to get to the Islands, you can also take cruise ships, expedition ships or recreational yachts. These are only available through nearest countries and on demand. There are no fixed prices, and these are not preferred.

Traveling within 

Solomon Islands

There’s the option of travelling by-air, by-sea, or by-road. Roads are obviously located on the main lands while travelling between the islands is done either by-air or by-sea. Taxis are available on the main islands. The official airline, Solomon Airlines, is the only way of getting a plane to get through between islands while most of the people prefer using ferries, boats, and yachts to get through. By-sea is the cheapest as well as the most beautiful option of travelling while it can often take you through places you didn’t know existed.

Money Matters in 

Solomon Islands

The official currency is Solomon Islands Dollar. The Solomon Dollar is equivalent to 8+ US Dollars. While there are some hotels and resorts that accept Australian dollars, but you’ll have to convert your currency to Solomon Island Dollars (SI$) to use them throughout the country.

Solomon Islands

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