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Greece Country Guide

Welcome to Greece, where history intertwines with the beauty of sun-drenched islands, creating a unique tapestry of cultural richness and Mediterranean allure. Athens, the capital, serves as the gateway to the ancient marvels that define Greece's identity. As you wander through the streets of Athens, the Acropolis beckons, with the Parthenon majestically overseeing the city, echoing tales of the classical era. Journey further to Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, and immerse yourself in the ancient theater of Epidaurus, where the whispers of history echo through time.

Venturing beyond the mainland, the Greek islands offer an idyllic escape. Santorini's dramatic sunsets create a painter's palette in the sky, Mykonos entices with its vibrant nightlife, and Crete balances ancient history with breathtaking landscapes. These islands, each with its own character, form a mosaic of crystalline waters, whitewashed buildings, and boundless blue skies.

As you explore, Greek cuisine becomes a delightful companion to your journey. From the savory layers of moussaka to the grilled perfection of souvlaki, every bite is a celebration of Mediterranean flavors. Fresh Greek salads burst with the vibrancy of olive oil, feta, and sun-ripened tomatoes, providing a culinary journey that mirrors the diversity of the landscape.

Yet, beyond the ancient stones and gastronomic delights, Greece's charm lies in its warm hospitality, or "philoxenia." Whether navigating the bustling markets of Athens or wandering through the tranquil villages of the Peloponnese, you'll encounter the genuine embrace of guests, making your stay a truly immersive experience.

And then there are the timeless sunsets and beaches that frame the Greek experience. From the rugged shores of Zakynthos to the golden beaches of Rhodes, Greece's coastline invites you to bask in the warmth of the Mediterranean sun, take leisurely swims in the Aegean Sea, and witness sunsets that paint the sky in hues of orange and pink.

Greece, with its blend of ancient wonders, island escapes, delectable cuisine, and warm hospitality, invites you to explore its diverse landscapes and immerse yourself in the magic of a country that bridges the past and the present with timeless elegance.

Food & Local Cuisine

Embark on a gastronomic journey through Greece, where each meal is a celebration of Mediterranean flavors and traditions. Explore renowned restaurants that embody the essence of Greek cuisine.

To Kati Allo (Athens, Attica): Nestled in the heart of Athens, To Kati Allo offers a delightful mix of traditional Greek dishes with a modern twist. The vibrant atmosphere and diverse menu make it a local favorite.

Selene (Santorini): Overlooking the caldera in Santorini, Selene is a culinary gem that combines local ingredients with creative flair. Enjoy a sophisticated dining experience with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea.

Kiki’s Tavern (Mykonos): For an authentic beachside experience, head to Kiki’s Tavern in Mykonos. This unassuming spot is beloved for its grilled meats and fresh seafood, served in a laid-back atmosphere.

Taverna Opa (Thessaloniki): Located in Thessaloniki, Taverna Opa is a lively eatery known for its vibrant Greek music, lively atmosphere, and a menu featuring classic Greek dishes prepared with a contemporary touch.

Karamanlidika (Athens, Attica): Dive into the world of Greek cured meats and delicacies at Karamanlidika in Athens. This delicatessen-style eatery offers a unique culinary experience with a focus on quality ingredients.

Arsenis Taverna (Chania, Crete): In the charming town of Chania, Arsenis Taverna beckons with Cretan specialties. Sample local delicacies in a warm and welcoming setting that captures the essence of Cretan hospitality.

From Athens to the islands, these restaurants showcase the diverse and delicious offerings of Greek cuisine, inviting you to savor the authentic flavors of the Mediterranean.

Libations and Entertainment

As the sun sets, Greece transforms into a vibrant tapestry of nightlife, where ancient traditions meet modern revelry. In Athens, sip cocktails with a backdrop of the illuminated Acropolis, while Mykonos invites you to dance under the stars at beachside clubs.

Thessaloniki's waterfront bars offer a sophisticated atmosphere, and Santorini's cliffside tavernas provide a romantic setting for evening libations. Whether you're drawn to bustling bouzoukia clubs, trendy rooftop bars, or intimate seaside cafes, Greece's nightlife promises diverse experiences that linger in the warm Mediterranean night air.


Astra Suites (Santorini): Perched on the cliffs of Santorini, Astra Suites offers luxurious suites with breathtaking views of the Caldera. Immerse yourself in the charm of Oia while enjoying world-class amenities.

Electra Metropolis Hotel (Athens, Attica): Located in the heart of Athens, the Electra Metropolis Hotel combines modern elegance with proximity to historic landmarks. Rooftop dining offers panoramic views of the Acropolis.

Blue Palace, a Luxury Collection Resort and Spa (Crete): Escape to the Blue Palace in Elounda, Crete, where private bungalows and villas overlook the serene waters of the Mediterranean. This luxurious resort provides an intimate and indulgent retreat.

Mystique, a Luxury Collection Hotel (Santorini): Mystique in Oia, Santorini, offers a blend of traditional architecture and contemporary luxury. Carved into the cliffs, the hotel provides an intimate and enchanting escape.

Poseidonion Grand Hotel (Spetses): A landmark on the island of Spetses, the Poseidonion Grand Hotel exudes old-world charm. With a rich history and elegant accommodations, it offers a refined stay on this beautiful island.

Elounda Peninsula All Suite Hotel (Crete): Discover the Elounda Peninsula in Crete, known for its exclusive suites and private pools. This five-star resort combines luxury with personalized service in a stunning seaside setting.

Whether you seek the romance of Santorini, the historical allure of Athens, or the coastal charm of the islands, these accommodations promise a memorable stay in Greece, blending comfort with the country's unique beauty.

Best times to go to 


The ideal time to visit Greece is during the spring (April to June) and fall (September to October) when the weather is mild, and crowds are thinner. This period allows for pleasant exploration of historic sites and island escapes. Summer (July to August) is perfect for beach lovers, but popular destinations can get crowded.

Winter (November to March) offers a quieter experience, particularly in Athens, but some island activities may be limited. Tailor your visit based on your preferences, balancing weather and crowd considerations for an optimal Greek getaway.

Things to do in 


Greece beckons with a mesmerizing blend of ancient marvels and natural wonders, creating a visual tapestry that unfolds across diverse landscapes.

The Acropolis, Athens:

Wander through the heart of Athens, where the Acropolis stands as an enduring symbol of classical grandeur. Atop this ancient citadel, the Parthenon invites you to trace the footsteps of ancient philosophers and envision a world where myths and realities entwined.

Delphi: The Navel of the World:

Journey to Delphi, nestled on the slopes of Mount Parnassus. This ancient sanctuary, dedicated to Apollo, echoes with the whispers of prophecies and the footsteps of pilgrims who sought guidance from the revered Oracle.

Olympia: Birthplace of the Olympic Spirit:

Explore the ruins of Olympia, where the spirit of the Olympic Games was born. Walk through the ancient stadium and imagine the prowess of athletes who once competed beneath the Grecian sun.

Minoan Magic in Crete:

Venture to the island of Crete, where the Minoan Palace of Knossos unravels the mysteries of Europe's oldest civilization. Intricate frescoes and labyrinthine corridors transport you to a bygone era of art, culture, and mythology.

Island Charms: Santorini and Mykonos:

The Greek islands, scattered across the Aegean and Ionian Seas, beckon with their unique charms. Santorini, with its iconic blue-domed churches and caldera views, offers a romantic escape, while Mykonos, known for its lively beaches and vibrant nightlife, pulses with energy.

Meteora: Monastic Marvel Amidst the Skies:

On the mainland, Meteora's monasteries defy gravity as they cling to towering rock pillars. The surreal landscape, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, invites contemplation and awe.

Embark on this enchanting journey through Greece, where each historic site and island paradise unfolds as a living museum, preserving the legacy of a civilization that has left an indelible mark on the world.

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Best Ways to Get To 


Athens International Airport (ATH): Your Greek adventure begins at Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos, the primary gateway offering modern facilities and efficient services.

Direct Global Connections: Enjoy direct flights to Athens from major cities worldwide, ensuring a straightforward journey to the heart of Greece.

Island Exploration Made Easy: Efficient domestic flights and ferries connect Athens to sun-soaked destinations like Santorini and Mykonos for an idyllic island-hopping experience.

Mainland Access with Public Transportation: Navigate Greece's mainland effortlessly with a well-developed public transportation network, including buses and trains.

Ready for Adventure: Whether arriving by air or setting off on island exploration, Greece's accessibility ensures a seamless and unforgettable Mediterranean experience.

Traveling within 


Discovering Greece is a breeze with diverse and convenient transportation options.

Efficient Public Transit: Greece's well-organized public transit, including buses and trains, simplifies exploration of both historic sites and picturesque landscapes on the mainland.

Island-Hopping Ease: Experience the joy of island-hopping with reliable ferry services and domestic flights, seamlessly connecting you to the sun-drenched allure of Greece's islands.

Scenic Road Trips: Renting a car provides the freedom to embark on scenic road trips, unveiling hidden gems and allowing you to explore at your own pace.

Local Taxis and Ride-Sharing: Taxis and ride-sharing services offer convenient options for navigating cities, ensuring you reach your destinations comfortably.

Money Matters in 


In Greece, the official currency is the Euro (EUR). Credit cards are widely accepted in urban areas and popular tourist destinations. ATMs are readily available for convenient cash withdrawals. While larger establishments typically take cards, it's advisable to have some cash for smaller transactions or in remote areas.

Tipping is customary in restaurants, usually around 5-10% of the bill. Ensure your bank is aware of your travel plans to avoid any issues with card usage. Overall, managing money in Greece is straightforward, offering both card convenience and the ease of local currency for a seamless experience.


 Trip Ideas

Athenian Odyssey (7 Days):

Begin your journey in Athens, exploring iconic sites like the Acropolis and the Ancient Agora. Day trips to Delphi and Cape Sounion offer historical depth, while evenings in Plaka immerse you in vibrant Greek culture.

Island Hopper's Delight (10 Days):

Start in Athens and then ferry to Mykonos for its lively beaches and nightlife. Continue to Santorini for breathtaking sunsets, followed by Crete for a taste of rich history and charming villages.

Historic and Coastal Harmony (14 Days):

Delve into Greece's history with three days in Athens, then journey to Thessaloniki for a northern perspective. Explore the Peloponnese region, visiting ancient theaters and picturesque Nafplio, before ending with beach relaxation in Nafplio or Monemvasia.

Cretan Exploration (5 Days):

Focus on Crete, starting in Heraklion to explore the Palace of Knossos. Traverse the stunning Samaria Gorge, visit Chania's old town, and unwind on the beaches of Elounda.

Tailor these itineraries to your preferences, whether you're captivated by ancient history, seeking sun-soaked beaches, or craving a mix of both. Greece's diverse landscapes offer a myriad of experiences for every traveler.

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Greek Festivals and Events:

Immerse yourself in Greece's vibrant culture by timing your visit with local festivals. Experience the Athens Epidaurus Festival for performing arts or the Patras Carnival for lively celebrations.

Thermal Springs and Wellness Retreats:

Unwind in Greece's thermal springs, known for their therapeutic properties. Places like Edipsos on the island of Evia offer rejuvenating experiences, combining wellness with picturesque landscapes.

Olive Oil Tours:

Dive into the essence of Greek cuisine with olive oil tours. Visit olive groves in regions like Crete or Peloponnese, learning about the olive oil production process and tasting exquisite varieties.

Hiking and Outdoor Adventures:

Explore Greece's diverse landscapes through hiking trails. From the Samaria Gorge in Crete to the Vikos Gorge in Epirus, these adventures offer stunning views and a deeper connection to nature.

Local Workshops and Crafts:

Engage in hands-on experiences by participating in local workshops. Learn traditional Greek dances, pottery-making in Crete, or join a cooking class to master the art of crafting authentic Greek dishes.

These additional features enrich your Greek experience, offering opportunities to delve into local traditions, relax in natural springs, explore the great outdoors, and engage in the country's vibrant cultural tapestry.