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Top 5 Desert Resorts in the World

November 30, 2022

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Escape into a world of enchantment and otherworldly beauty with the best desert resorts around the world.

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When we think about natural beauty and landscapes, we often ignore deserts. You will be surprised to know that deserts’ magical allure and enchantment can’t be recreated with any other nature getaway. The stars shine brighter and you might just catch a glimpse of the milky way when the sky is clear. Furthermore, the Arabian nights offer a unique wilderness experience with sweeping views of the sand stretching beyond the horizon.

As sublime and tranquil as it sounds, you can also make your trip to the desert super thrilling and adventurous. Drifting in the desert, going on a hot air balloon, and enjoying some fun-filled belly dancing performances or a falcon show are some of the common activities that can be enjoyed in a desert.

Put on your finest kohl and pack some flowy dresses because we have a list of the best desert resorts around the world – hop on this magic carpet ride on this whole new world with us.


Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Sitting like a crown jewel amid the Rub’Al Khali desert, the Qasr Al Sarab Resort is an expansive luxury resort uncovering the spirit of Arabia with flame-colored dunes surrounding it from all around. Representing the Emirati culture beautifully in its architecture and décor, the resort offers a distinctive experience with a variety of desert experiences while being sustainable and energy efficient.

The secluded oasis is 90 minutes from downtown Abu Dhabi and has 140 standard rooms, 14 suites, and 51 luxury pool villas. The rooms come with a luxe garden terrace and views of mesmeric dunes. Admire the fountain houses and courtyards while basking in the sun and have the ultimate luxury experience at the Anantara Pool Villa. The private plunge pool overlooks the desert and has butler service.

 Unwind and relax at the Moroccan hammam or try one of the desert spa rituals. The resort also has a swanky steakhouse, several international restaurants, and a rooftop lounge. Outdoor desert activities include camel trekking, desert camp, archery, dune bashing, and falcon show among other things.


&Beyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge, Namibia

 Lose yourself in a magical desertscape filled with enchanting hues of sand, stones, and stars in a sustainable setting with tranquility and silence as your companion. The beautiful desert resort is tucked within the deep expanse of Namib – the world’s oldest living desert. You will be welcomed by rocky outcrops and gravel plains shining in a sea of dunes with an extraordinary night sky ideal for stargazing.

The resort doesn’t compromise on luxury one bit. You will be staying at 10 gorgeously appointed stone and glass suites – each with a unique location along the curve of the cliff with unparalleled views.

The suites come with airy and shaded verandas with spectacular panoramic views and private plunge pools. The living rooms have a fireplace and the bedrooms have a huge retractable skylight right above the bed. The glass-encased rain showers also overlook the desert in all its glory.

 The resort has a central island bar, walk-in cellar, and rim-flow pool, and most amenities and facilities come with views of the desert. Enjoy stargazing from the state-of-the-art Celestron telescope or go for an exclusive star dune experience in the private reserve.


Longitude 131, Northern Territory, Australia

With a majestic location surrounded by the red-rust dunes of the Central Desert, Longitude 131 is a beautiful luxury camp within a desert oasis in the wild interior of Australia overlooking the natural icon - Uluru.16 luxurious tended pavilions await your welcome under a blanket of stars with a backdrop of the mesmeric desert landscape.

Visitors get to enjoy the gorgeous Red Centre and discover lively and psychedelic Aboriginal artworks during their stay. Luxury tens come with floor-to-ceiling glass with panoramic views of Uluru and a spacious balcony for stargazing at night. The dune pavilions offer ultimate luxury with premium lodging and views of both Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

The restaurant and bar serve the finest Australian delicacies with ever-changing views of the monolith. Gulp down your favorite cocktails while exchanging stories under the star-lit sky and enjoy the enchanting views all around.  


Desert Nights Camp, Oman

Experience the famous Omani hospitality alongside luxury desert camps and Arabian Safari adventures at Desert Nights Camp. Surrounded by spectacular craggy mountains, crystalline wadis, and limitless dunes, it offers a beautiful desert retreat only a two-house drive away from Muscat.

The camps are scattered across the silken sands and offer a tranquil and isolated experience with the stars and dunes shining at you in harmony. The luxurious tents are set up in classic Bedouin style so you can feel right at home with the finest Arabian hospitality. The Pool Villas offer the ultimate luxury with private pools and high-end amenities.  

There are a lot of desert activities that can be enjoyed directly from your camps and villas. These include camel rides at sunset, dune bike riding, and dune bashing along the Wahiba’s golden red sands, magical nights filled with traditional activities and Omani fare at the campfire, and classy Omani-styled majlis.

Enchantment Resort, Arizona

Just like its name suggests, the Enchantment Resort takes you on an enchanted journey where you get a chance to connect with yourself and nature all around on a deeper level. The resort offers a secluded and one-of-a-kind desert retreat amidst the Boynton Canyon surrounding you in all its glory and magical hues.

The resort has sprawling desert wilderness all around with pinyon and ponderosa pines, clear skies, and a blanket of stars embracing you warmly. The resort offers wonderful lodging with Southwestern décor inspired by Sedona’s iconic landscapes and decks overlooking red rock mountains. For the ultimate luxury, get the Suites with a fireplace, private pools, and hot tubs.

Unwind and relax at the spa with a variety of soothing treatments and feast in the on-site restaurants with a fun-filled tapas bar and an upscale café. The resort also has indoor and outdoor pools and a variety of activities for the whole family – including tennis courts and hiking trails.




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