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The Top 5 Under-the-Radar Surf Resorts

July 4, 2022

Written By: 
Trip Concierge

From staying amidst the calm and welcoming waves of South Asia to the breezy and careless East Coasts, we bring you the top surf resorts tucked away like precious gems.

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Surfers are specific about the places they want to stay and surf at, with factors like budget, amenities, location, personal skills and the oceanitself playing a role in the decision. However, the thing that matters the most is having the sea open up to you like a canvas to ride the waves in freedom andcomfort.

We have a list of unique surf resorts that will make every surfer’s dream come true. Considering the fact that even Bali was once anunder-the-radar spot, we are sure you’ll be thanking your lucky stars for stumbling upon our list.


#1 - Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland

We are starting off our list with a truly unique experience in store. Not exactly sunny beaches and dreamy blue sea but surfing in Iceland gives you a blast that you won't forget. The coasts of Iceland makes surfing exotic and you can ride world class waves surrounded by glaciers and volcano lava. As a bonus, no place in the world offers more variety of wildlife encounters. Most of the waves break over volcanic reef or basalt rocks. It is cold, but not as cold as you think, and the surfing frontier of Iceland is, dare we say it, just the tip of the iceberg.

You can stay at the breathtaking Brimnes Bungalows which sit in the midst of towering snow-clad mountains and tranquil Lake Ólafsfjörður. It is within a small fishing village that’s only now gaining popularity amongst surfers and skiers.

Completely surrounded by soothing valleys and a magical mountainous backdrop, surfers get to try out their moves on waves framed by Nordic beauty and fascinating Northern Lights painting the sky in marvelous shades.

The wooden cabins are aesthetically pleasing and offer a truly unwinding escape from the hustle and bustle of town. Each bungalow is fitted with a sprawling private terrace.

The outdoor hot tub helps you warm up after an invigorating surfing session. While soaking in the tub, you can enjoy views of the Tröllaskagi Peninsula in all its glory.


#2 - Bangsak Village Khao Lak, Thailand

Opening its arms to a 16-mile stretch of Beaches and sandy white shores, Bangsak Village offers a peaceful retreat to surfers and nature lovers. Learnhow to surf or test your established skills atop the mighty waves of Andaman Sea while soaking in the tropical beauty of Thailand at its best.

The Bungalows, Cottages or Chalets are embellished with earthy tones and neutral color palette that emanates a soothing vibe. Engross yourself in the natural beauty of Khao Lak with scenic hillside views, open air dining with water front views and a hot tub and outdoor pool.

Surf packages are included while booking a room and the resort is also close to Sai Rung Waterfall and Pakarang Beach. The thatch covered bungalowsoffer enticing views at sunset and keeps you close to all then natural beautyas well as historic sights of Thailand.


#3 - Adaaran Select Hudhuran Fushi, Maldives

Adaaran Select is nestled in the heart of North Male in the tropical heaven of Maldives. It has a lavish setting with exclusive access to Lohis surfbreaks. Captivating beaches welcome you with refreshing island breeze and beautiful views.

The private break ‘Lohis Left’ in Hudhuranfushi is known as one the most consistent waves of the Maldives. With exclusive access to guests, surfers can enjoy it wholeheartedly with their loved ones cheering them on from theresorts’ bar and restaurant. You can also get access to guided surf tours including Jails, Cokes, Sultans and Ninjas.

After a thrilling surf, relax in one o the over water villas with beachfront location and comforting amenities. Thatched roofs and garden views makes one feel closer to nature, while the open air bars and informal restaurants are ideal for letting your wild side loose.


#4 - Hotel Noga, Mexico

Surround yourself with towering mango trees and beautiful lush greenery at Hotel Noga – the crown jewel of Zipolite in Mexico. The soothing natural beauty of the hotel is enhanced with sounds of the birds and ocean.

Offering the prefect under-the-radar luxury, the hotel features private wooden bungalows framed by trees. It is a perfect getaway for surfers, yoga lovers and couples.

Long stretches of beaches are at your disposal to enjoy surfing through the day and marvel at the shades of sunset as you sip on your favorite cocktail. The area is also popular for dolphin and whales watch and Shala Yoga and Dance lessons.

With only 10 rooms right on the beach, you will have all the privacy you need to surf, dance, eat and swing in the hammock!


#5 - Uluwatu Surf Villas, Indonesia

Enjoying a prime location on cliff-top grounds amidst the wild-spirited forest and sprawling Indian Ocean, Uluwatu Surf Villas is a sanctuary for kindred spirits. Only 6 minutes from Suluban Beach, there’s ample opportunity for surfers to try out their skills in luxury and comfort.

The tranquil suites are beautified with island inspired layout and breathtaking views of the forest from airy balconies. Besides all the luxurious amenities, there are private pools with ocean views to unwind after a long day of surfing.

Guests have access to private beach area, and with the resorts’ private stairs you will have access to some lesser known and harder to stumble upon parts of the reef. The resort also provides an assortment of complimentary surfboards.




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