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The Top 3 Luxury Cruises for 2023

October 3, 2022

Written By: 
Trip Concierge

With wonderful sights and top-notch amenities, the luxury cruises on our list will sweep you off your feet.

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Cruising is a perfect way to travel while getting the best of both worlds. The luxurious comforts and facilities of a 5-star hotel can be enjoyed while cruising your way through the mighty oceans, enjoying spectacular views with interesting itineraries to match your wild and adventurous spirit.  

There’s no shortage of luxury cruise ships, but the choices can get overwhelming. We are here to make your work easy by bringing you the top 3 cruise ships for a perfect start of 2023. Enjoy the comforting and lavish amenities while exploring mesmeric destinations.

Seabourn Cruise Line

Seabourn is the cream of the crop when it comes to luxury cruise experiences. The cruise line has five ships and welcomes a bulk of guests with high-class amenities including lodging, activities, and destinations.

The most popular cruising destinations from Seabourn include Alaska, Australia, Asia, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and even the Arctic. Itineraries range from seven to sixty five days.

The Caribbean destinations are a popular choice, but no matter which destination you choose, you will be experiencing prime ocean views galore. The suites are loaded with finest amenities and plush comfort, and most open up to magnificent views of the sea. All the ships have fitness centers and spa facilities, and you can enjoy the same views while working up a sweat or unwinding with an herbal treatment and massage.

For prime luxury and entertainment, Seabourn has casinos, nine-hole putting courses, pools, and live music arrangements on the cruises as well. Furthermore, the dining options are numerous, with fine-dining Michelin-star restaurants available onboard. Chef Thomas Keller pours his heart and soul into bringing you the finest dining experience with international and continental cuisine.

Other expedition activities depend on the destinations. They range form nature hikes to snorkeling, scuba diving, sea kayaking, and much more. Avail the all-inclusive packages for onboard food and drink, and explore the most coveted islands and unspoiled landscapes in comfort and luxury.


Ponant is a French cruise line dedicated to bring you a luxurious cruising experience with their lavish private yachts. The spacious lodging and world-famous French cuisine welcomes you onboard to set sail on the most enchanting destinations.

All the Ponant ships have onboard spa and massage cabins for your comfort. Some also have sauna or Turkish bath facilities, and a variety of spa treatments and massages can be availed during your stay.

If you are looking for adventure and uniqueness, go for their small ships that sail to remote areas of Antarctica offering once-in-a-lifetime experience unlike any other. Explore the unspoiled regions, spot arctic wild-life, and discover the beauty from the edge of the Earth without compromising on your comfort or luxury.

Certain sailings also partner up with Disney and Smithsonian for wonderful onboard activities and facilities for the whole family. The voyages also have experts with much knowledge about the culture and historic significance of the destinations, and guides are available throughout the onshore excursions to better acquaint you with the areas.

We highly recommend their voyage from Morocco to Spain with stops at Casablanca, Tangier, Granada and other areas including guided tours and lectures. Other famous destination is Sicily, sailing through breathtaking Greek landscapes and Greek ruins of Byzantine-Arab and Agrigento mosaics in Palermo.


You can’t talk about luxury cruises without mentioning Silversea. It is the ultimate luxury cruise experience to welcome the New Year in full swing. Enjoy your stay while feeling like royalty with your own butler service. They provide this service on every suite of the ship, pampering you as you sail through gorgeous destinations.

The butlers are there to pick up your laundry, provide you with the best service, food, and even organize and pack your luggage for you. The cruise has a dedicated culinary program called Salt (Sea and land taste).

The program has a variety of cooking classes depending on the itinerary and destinations. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to cook for yourself, as there are many fine-dining restaurants available onboard with multi-course menus to tantalize your taste buds.

The all-inclusive ultra-luxury cruises also offer expeditions in-country air and hotel, shore excursions, and numerous activities. The popular destinations include the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and British Isles, Arctic and Greenland, Antarctica, Galapagos Islands, and Africa and Indian Ocean.



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