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The Hidden Gems of Asia That are Worth Exploring

December 15, 2022

Written By: 
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Ditch the winter blues and enter a world of tropical wonders and diverse cultures with these stunning holiday destinations in Asia.

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When planning a vacation, we often overlook the world’s most populous and biggest continent – Asia. There are 48 countries at your disposal with extraordinarily beautiful cities and the biggest attractions.

While everyone gravitates towards the popular spots like the turquoise islands of Maldives, the tranquil sanctuaries of Bali, and the stunning architecture of the Taj Mahal, we have prepared a list of the hidden gems that take you on a hypnotic journey filled with unique experiences and breathtaking natural landscapes.

Langkawi, Malaysia

The exceptionally beautiful island of Langkawi is a hidden gem in Malaysia filled with exotic wildlife. If you enjoy a wildlife safari, you will be delighted at the sight of 150 different animal and bird species from all over the world in Langkawi’s wildlife park. The breezy tropical destination has hundreds of wonderful beaches studded by swaying palms and pearly white shores.

The Pantai Tengah, Tanjung Rhu, and Pantai Cenang are incredibly gorgeous beaches with landscapes that will take your breath away. Explore the trickling waterfalls, lush mangrove forests, and towering mountains with diverse landscapes and delectable cuisines. You can enjoy several activities on the island, like island hopping, taking in the beauty via the cable car, visiting the Langkawi Sky Bridge with enthralling views of Gunung Machinchang, and a wide array of watersports.

When you’ve filled up your senses with the natural beauty of Langkawi, explore its night markets for traditional crafts, lively stalls, and an exciting food scene.

Northern Areas, Pakistan

The otherworldly and magical beauty of northern areas in Pakistan can not be overstated. It is house to the world's three most spectacular mountain ranges, namely the Karakorum, the Himalayas, and the Hindukush. Northern Areas is a big region with many small cities that can be explored via planned and guided tours.

Skardu is a lovely spot with traces of Tibetan culture and dialect with a similar lifestyle, culture, and architecture. The rolling valley is known for its juicy fruits, ancient forts, beautiful lakes, and delectable cuisine. The four other valleys of Baltistan are also well worth a visit, including Shigar, Rondu, Kharmang, and Khaplu.

Continue on this scenic journey by visiting the charming Gilgit with a huge Buddha figure welcoming you to a land of fast-flowing rivers and rich ancient architectural wonders. This is the ideal place for trekking and fishing. Another hidden treasure of northern areas is Hunza. The quaint little town has a rustic charm with poplar trees, wheat fields shining like gold, and breathtaking snow-clad mountain peaks of Diran, Rakaposhi, Spantik, and Ultar.

Finally, the Swat Valley completes the trip with flower-decked slopes, fruit-filled orchards, and chilly lakes. Indulge in a variety of outdoor activities including hiking, kayaking, mountain climbing, horseback riding, and much more, and connect with nature on a deep and sublime level.

Yakushima Island, Japan

The serene subtropical island of Yakushima is nestled on the southern coast of Kyushu in Japan. It is known for its diverse wildlife, soothing cedar forests, and friendly loggerhead turtles under a blanket of sand at Nagata Inaka-hama beach.

The magical destination is a natural oasis and exploring it is truly a privilege. It is beautified with some of the oldest trees – over 7000 years old, and serene mountainous backdrops for a peaceful getaway. There’s a beautiful nature park on the island where you can stop by to feed the friendly monkeys, spot the dainty Yakushima deer, and other marvelous animal species.

If you are a fan of Studio Ghibli, you will get a chance to walk a mile in Princess Mononoke’s shoes. The famous anime was inspired by the wondrous beauty of the island.

Jaco Island, East Timor

Tucked in the Lautem District of East Timor, Jaco Island is an unpopulated island within the Nino Konis Santana National Park. It gives you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live out your fantasy of being stranded on a scenic far-off wonderland (with luxurious amenities, of course!). The tropical forest and sublime beaches offer an unwinding experience with exotic flora and fauna keeping you in excellent company.

This is possibly the best place for deep-sea diving and snorkeling adventures. The waters of the island nestle some unbelievably stunning ancient coral deposits surrounded by coral reefs and limestone cliffs. Once you are done exploring the island by day, visit the nearby village of Tutuala for seamless hospitality and great cuisine.

There’s a magical allure about the place, as you are not allowed to stay here or camp at night. Once in the village, you will be welcomed with stories of ancient folklore as you gear up for another day of exploring the crystal turquoise waters.

Kuang Si Falls, Laos

Kuang Si Waterfalls or Tat Kuang Si is a masterpiece in Laos. The enchanting three-tiered waterfall flows from a 50-meter height into consecutively shallower pools before eventually flowing into the jungle river. This gorgeous spot is tucked along the Luang Prabang. Enjoy unparalleled views of the waterfall while taking Instagram-worthy pictures and blowing off some steam with a good swim.

You will also be fascinated by the interesting stories and legends surrounding the waterfall. According to old tales, the water of the waterfall was summoned from the Nam Xi River by an old man who dug a hole into Earth, making the water burst out. Along with the water, a golden deer also appeared and quickly made its way back home under a rock. Hence the name Tat Kuang Si which literally translates to Waterfall-Deer-Dig.



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