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Summer Destination Alternatives to Escape the Crowds

April 2, 2024

Written By: 
Trip Concierge

As summer approaches, the abundance of choices for spending your days can be overwhelming. While the romantic allure of Paris and the endless adventures in the Big Apple often top the list for many travelers, what if you embraced the spirit of Robert Frost and ventured down a less-trodden path? Ahead, we recommend destinations that offer a perfect summer getaway — free from the crowds yet brimming with adventure.

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Instead of Paris, head to Buenos Aires

While Paris remains a perennial favorite with its renowned cuisine and artistry, consider shifting gears to Buenos Aires, Argentina. This vibrant city boasts eclectic neighborhoods, noteworthy restaurants and spirited bars. Moreover, Buenos Aires enjoys milder weather during the summer months of December to January, offering a delightful alternative to the traditional European summer experience.

Instead of New York City, head to Montreal

Choosing Montreal over New York City in summer ensures a serene escape from crowds while maintaining a vibrant experience. The city's unique blend of French and North American history, charming neighborhoods and rich culinary scene offers so much to see and do. From the historic charm of the Old Port to the green spaces of Mount Royal and the artsy Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal provides a tranquil backdrop for exploration.

Instead of Mykonos, head to Albania

If you’re looking for a Mediterranean summer escape, head to the untouched beaches along the Ionian and Adriatic coasts of Albania. This tranquil country boasts a rich historical and cultural tapestry, featuring ancient ruins, vibrant local markets and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, all without the overwhelming tourist crowds found in Mykonos. Opting for Albania allows travelers to discover the hidden gems of the Balkans, reveling in a quieter and a more genuine summer getaway.

Instead of London head to Oslo

Oslo stands as a formidable competitor to London, offering a unique blend of Nordic history and outdoor experiences. The city's strong commitment to sustainability and its focus on outdoor activities, like exploring the Oslo fjord or unwinding in its numerous parks, creates a laid-back and nature-centric atmosphere. Choosing Oslo provides travelers with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a quieter yet culturally rich environment, making it the perfect destination for those in search of a more peaceful summer escape.

In a world brimming with hidden gems, countless destinations offer comparable experiences to their popular counterparts, yet with a notable absence of overwhelming crowds. Talk to our agency to discover how you can head down the road less traveled this summer.



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