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Here are the Best Things to Do in Rio de Janeiro this Spring

February 13, 2023

Written By: 
Trip Concierge

With moving landscapes and refreshing beauty, Rio de Janeiro blooms in spring with the wonderful seasonal attractions on our list.

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When spring hits, it’s time to head south! Spring is one of the best seasons to visit the charming town of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. You will love the temperature with balmy sun-kissed days and colorful flowers poking in from every corner. Of course, it’s also the best time to beat the humid summer temperatures with rain and searing heat.

Kiss the winters goodbye amidst the golden sands and fertile peaks as you set sail in the deep blue sea, re-kindling that zeal and lust for life. The city is also famously known for its celebratory spirit with spontaneous occasions taking birth in the form of football at Maracana, beach parties at Ipanema, or invigorating sambas at Leblon.

Here are the best activities to enjoy in Rio de Janeiro this spring.


Get a Taste of the Sugar Loaf Mountain

Spring is the perfect time for sporty outdoor adventures. Sugar Loaf Mountain offers awe-inspiring terrains for a nice hike to get your sweat on while taking in all the spectacular views.

There are two options to reach the peak of the hill for once-in-a-lifetime panoramic vistas. One is hiking up the Urca Hill and hopping on the cable car which families prefer, and the other is rock climbing the hill – an exciting challenge for the daredevils.


Enjoy the Sun at Rio’s Botanical Garden

How else is one supposed to enjoy spring? Taking in the sprawling greenery and psychedelic flowers is one of the most refreshing ways to come out of the winter blues. Rio’s Botanical Garden will give you ample sunshine while setting up the scene for a perfect spring getaway.

It’s a slow-paced and tranquil sanctuary that takes you away from the bustling Brazilian ambiance to an astounding 137 hectares and 8000+species of plants. Enjoy the views with a nice cup of tea and click some insta-worthy pictures with a colorful floral backdrop.

Another great springtime option is the Tijuca Forest. This natural wonderland is one of the largest urban forests in the world, flaunting lush and verdant vegetation and an array of exotic wildlife. Find a lookout point and enjoy incredible views of the city.

 Have a Party at Copacabana Beach

You can’t experience the true spirit of Rio de Janeiro without visiting Copacabana Beach. With an eternal party vibe and jubilant atmosphere, the energy here is contagious! The azure beach extends for over 2.5miles with a wide array of activities for the whole family.

If you prefer to stay on land, might we suggest a friendly game of soccer while singing the anthem of your favorite team? And while you are at it, don’t forget to treat yourself to caipirinhas – delectable tropical cocktails made from high-proof sugarcane alcohol with limes.

As spring is mostly dry with little to no rainfall, you can also go for a plunge in the ocean or enjoy a variety of water sports. Other notable beaches include Leblon, Ipanema, and Barra de Tijuca. You can take surfing lessons to polish your skills or go for a calm ocean kayak.


Get up Close to Cristo Redentor

The mighty 125ft tall, open-armed Cristo Redentor is a crown jewel of Rio de Janeiro. Standing proudly on Corcovado, this well-crafted structure rises 710m from the city and gleams and shines in the city lights at night.

The area encompasses the Parque Nacional da Tijuca. Reach this majestic monument via the red narrow-gauge train departing every half an hour and don’t forget to take pictures!


Scan the Clubs and Bars of Lapa

Lapa is a colorful and vivacious district with a vibrant nightlife for night owls. The place has a huge variety of bars, clubs, and old-fashioned restaurants. You can also enjoy delectable Brazilian delicacies and exotic delights at Peruvian restaurants.


Take a Bike Ride at Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas

If you are a nature lover looking for a calming spot away from the bustling city, head to the most beautiful spot of the city – Lagoa Rodrigode Freitas. The scenic landscape is encircled by a 4.5-mile cycling and walking path. You can also enjoy paddle boating on the lake while taking in the view.

The sides of the lake are studded by many kiosks offering alfresco dining and drinks. You might also catch some live music at night while touring the delightful lagoon. Visitors also enjoy drinks on the waterfront at Palaphita Kitch.


Attend Carnival and Festivals  

Springs in Rio de Janeiro means International Film Festival! If you are a movie buff, you will thoroughly enjoy this event. The event attracts big names in the industry while highlighting the cream of the crop in Brazilian cinema.

Tap your feet with the locals and trained dancers at the Samba hotspots all over the city, including Bip Bip and Leblon.



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