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Discover the Quintessential Beauty of Prague This Spring

February 21, 2023

Written By: 
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Czech’s capital city blooms and blossoms in spring with warmth and flowers. Check out the best springtime activities in Prague on our list.

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The lovely city of Prague is quite intriguing. With unique archetypical European architecture, cultural attractions, and plenty of springtime outdoor activities. A boat trip along the gleaming Vltava River or a stroll in the colorful markets are all the more charming this time of the year. Explore the best of Prague with the top activities on our list.


Visit the Astounding Prague Castle

The architecture of Prague is one of its greatest pulls to appreciate its history and culture while taking in its intricacies and complexities. The castle is the official residence of the president of Czechoslovakia.

The complex has a lot to offer from breathtaking sights of the castle with a picturesque backdrop, Golden Lane, Basilica of St. George, and St. Vitus Cathedral – a comparatively recent architectural structure.

The Golden Lane offers a romantic stroll along the cobbled streets with vibrantly colored houses on either end. Franz Kafka lived here for two years and you can really admire the inspirational value the place holds.


Discover the Petrin Hill

Another great spot ideal for a springtime visit is Petrin Hill. It is a treat for photographers to visit and capture the imperial beauty of this area with its mesmeric white blossom trees in the Seminary Garden. the Petrin Hill funicular can’t be missed, and the lookout tower offers breathtaking views of the city.

The summit area is also home to the Mirror Maze which the kids thoroughly enjoy. For couples, the Rose Garden offers an intimate setting with the fragrance of roses filling up the air with a whimsical allure. Visitors also enjoy woodland walks in Kinsky Gardens and a small garden just at the bottom of the hill daintily studded with pink blossoms.


Take a Romantic Boat Trip

With breezy springtime air caressing your cheeks and blowing your hair, a tranquil boat ride in the river Vltava is one of the top spring activities in Prague. The river runs through the heart of the city and takes you around the Charles Bridge while serving spectacular views along its course.

The longer river cruises start in spring, especially the one from Rasinovo nabrezi just next to the Dancing House – a proud Prague landmark.


The Lazy Hazy Beer Garden

There are many beer gardens in Prague that get a lot of visitors as the weather starts to warm up. Most of them reopen in April and add greatly to the overall springtime Prague experience. The Letna beer garden is the most popular one among the bunch.

It has a lovely setup with views of the city and river. If you are looking for a more social setting, hit one of the outdoor bars along the Riegrovy Sady up on Zizkov’s hill. Another lovely beer garden is the Vysehrad which overlooks Nusle. Don’t forget to grab a few Pilsners to keep you warm and happy.


Take a Stroll in Mala Strana

Beat the crowds of the bustling Old Town to explore Prague like a local in Mala Strana. Built in the early 17th and 18thcentury, this quaint part of town is beautified with eye-catching views of the Vltava with a colorful string of baroque architecture and authentic Czech restaurants.


Old Town Square

Even though it’s always busy and crowded, a visit to the oldtown square is a must at least once while you are in the city. The rustic area has many historic buildings carrying the soul of Prague within their intricate structures. It is also the most well-known landmark of the city so it’s naturally loaded with the best restaurants and shops.

Other attractions in Old Town include the Old Town Hall, the Astronomical Clock, and the Charles Bridge which connects the Old Town with New Town. The bridge was built in the mid-14th century and it is lined up with vendors to keep you entertained. Visitors enjoy the views and imposing statues along the way.


Discover the Vibrant Nightlife

Prague has an exciting nightlife scene to enjoy your favorite drinks in local bars, tap your feet to some classical live jazz, or blow off steam at industrial nightclubs. There’s surely something for everyone here. Naplavka, in particular, are boat bars that are very famous during spring and summer. A series of boats embanking between Palackeho namesti and Vyton offer evening and nighttime activities in their floating restaurants.



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