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Discover the Breathtaking Beauty of these Hidden Gems in Europe

December 25, 2022

Written By: 
Trip Concierge

These underrated cities of Europe will sweep you off your feet and give you the dream vacation experience you truly deserve.

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Europe is filled with immense natural beauty and it is flooded by tourists around the year. The vibrant and psychedelic cities urge you to explore the cobbled streets and delectable cuisines, and the ancient architecture and enthralling landscapes spark the interest of every outdoor enthusiast.

You must know the popular Europe destination like the back of your hand, but there are numerous underrated spots that are worth exploring as well. Take a U-turn from the famous spots and head to the rolling hillsides, magnetic shores, one-of-a-kind seaside resorts, and wonderful islands with the covert Europe destinations on our list.  

Losinj Island – Croatia

Veli Losinj is nestled along the sparkling shores of Croatia like a crown jewel. You will reach this spot from Mali Losinj with a short drive and it will make you fall head over heels in love with the natural beauty of Croatia.

The quaint little spot is surrounded by natural beauty everywhere you look. You will be welcomed in a sunny beach setting with azure waters and pearly shores. It serves as an important fishing port and the unspoiled beauty is best appreciated on foot.

Explore the rejuvenating activities in its exclusive aromatherapy center with essential oils that will soothe your senses, and discover the beauty of the Mediterranean like never before with enchanting views from the Kalvarija mountain.

The beautiful Veli Losinj also has a rich history and incredible cultural beauty. The spot is ideal for a sunny vacation while exploring the best of Croatia. Along with a handful of high-end resorts, there are Glamping tents for overnight stays where you can sleep under the stars to the sounds of the crashing waves.


Mittenwald, Germany

Step inside a fairytale setting in the quaint German town of Mittenwald. Filled with colors and vibrancy, this beautiful little town has a one-of-a-kind architecture with shops and homes that date back over 250 years – but are well-maintained and beautifully decorated.

The old town or Altstadt is perfect for an evening stroll. The humble streets transport you to a different era with timeless traditions and cultural beauty at full boom. The main street or Obermarkt is filled with colorful displays with several shops, homes, and murals.

Mittenwald prides itself on the craft of violin making so make sure you pick up one for yourself as a keepsake from the “Village of a Thousand Violins”. When you have exhausted yourself from exploring the quintessential town, head to the outdoor spot of the Karwendel Alps. Open for hiking in summers and skiing in winters, it gives you a refreshing and much-needed break from mundane city life.


Foix, France

The medieval town of Foix is one of the most gorgeous fortified cities in Europe. A prefecture of Ariege, the charming little town is tucked at the crossroads of the rivers Arget and Ariege. Graced by the magnificent Foix castle, the town has Prat d’Albis, the Pech terraces, and the Holy Savior between the mountain and the piedmont.

If you are interested in classic European architecture and breathtaking castles, the architectural heritage of Foix will definitely hold your interest and keep you hooked. Explore the humble streets and passages as you marvel at the Pontils of the rue des Grands Ducs, the Place Parmentier houses, and the stunning ‘goose fountain’ which represents a swan.

The city also has a lively grain market called the Saint-Volusien abbey. It is the perfect spot to pick out some traditional ingredients for a classic European dish. We appreciate the fact that the town stays up-to-date while still holding on to a timeless Middle Ages vibe with old-school names of the squares and streets like hatter’s street, Rue de la Faurie, rock street, and grain hall.

Take a guided tour of the city and indulge in lively streetshows like All Foix All Flame, artistic performances, and exciting cultural events.


Vietri Sul Mare, Italy

If you are yearning for the classic Amalfi Coast vibes without a swarm of tourists, head to the Vietri Sul Mare – a quintessential town perfect for a romantic retreat. Beautified with sprawling blue shores and fog-clad mountain peaks, the town has beautiful beachfront hotels with stunning views.

Coming from Salerno, the town is the first that will arrive at the opposite end of the Amalfi Coast from Positano. Stay in the heart of all the action by getting a beachfront resort with the beach and restaurants conveniently located at a short walk.

You’ll fall in love with the quaint houses perched atop the mountains with a captivating mountainous backdrop from all sounds. With a lovely sea breeze and tropical vibe, you’ll spend your days sunbathing, drinking cocktails under beach umbrellas, and enjoying romantic dinners in candlelight.


The Azores, Portugal

When we talk about Portugal, tourists flock to the Algarve, but you’ll seldom if ever find anyone talking about the magical Azores. The heavenly beautiful archipelago is a hidden wonder in Portugal that’s well worth your time.

Comprising of nine volcanic islands, it is located 800 miles off the coast of Portugal in the mid-Atlantic. You will be welcomed by the mighty volcanoes, divine landscapes, fishing villages, crater lakes, and majestic waterfalls trickling down to create a mystical vibe.

The Azores has a classic Hawaii vibe and it opens up its heart to its visitors with rich culture and heritage, beautiful resorts, lush hiking trails, and miles upon miles of crystal clear waters.



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