Terms & Conditions

Trip Concierge is about great travel at fair prices. We try to keep our terms of service as simple as possible, however some restrictions apply to avoid abuse of the system. They are outlined below.

By using our site you agree to the following:

Service Fees

Our goal is to be as clear as possible about service fees we charge. Excellent service does cost money, but we will never hide our fees and clearly display them here:

Trip Concierge Leisure Bookings:
  • Ticketing $25 per passenger
  • Ticket Re-Issue Fee $35 per ticket
  • Hotel Cancellation Fee (
  • Hotel Cancellation Fee (>48hrs) $25 per room
  • Hotel Change Fee $25 per room
  • Group Hotel Cancellation Fee $25 per room + Hotel Penalty
  • Personal Concierge (in-person) $100 per hour
  • Personal Concierge (telephone) $FREE
  • Personal Concierge (email) $FREE
Trip Concierge for Business:
  • Ticketing $15 per passenger
  • Ticket Re-Issue Fee $25 per ticket
  • Hotel Cancellation Fee (
  • Hotel Cancellation Fee (>48hrs) $25 per room
  • Group Hotel Cancellation Fee $25 per room + Hotel Penalty
  • Personal Concierge (in-person) $75 per hour
  • Personal Concierge (telephone) $FREE
  • Personal Concierge (email) $FREE

Things to Remember

Booking in Advance

One of the benefits of membership is that the only thing you need to do is choose a destination and a date. No more scouring websites for hotel deals and being duped by airlines confusing pricing tricks. To keep things organised, and although we will do our best to arrange for last minute travel, please remember that domestic bookings in the United States do require two week advance notice. And international travel requires three weeks advance notice. We cannot guarantee availability for ultra-last minute bookings. So remember, 2 Weeks for Domestic, 3 Weeks for International trips.

We will Choose the Airline and Departure Times

Membership with us means never having to travel on a low cost carrier ever again. Our goal is to get you there as quickly and efficiently as possible with the least hassle. We have spent years refining routes and finding the best options. Because you don't have to worry about flight prices, you are free to travel the best and most efficient route. So as much as we will try to cater to your airline preferences, you cannot choose the departure time on the day of travel. However, you get to earn and keep all the miles - that's even more vacations.

Our preferred airlines are the majors including Delta, American and United. Our preferred airlines for Europe are Delta, American, Air France, KLM, Virgin Atlantic, United, Lufthansa, SAS, Swiss and British Airways (London only). Our preferred airlines for Asia are United and ANA. Our preferred airlines for Latin America are American and United.

We will Choose Your Hotel based On Your Membership Category

Similar to Priceline, you can only choose a category, but not the actual hotel. Our team has travelled, researched and ranked over 450 hotels worldwide. We always ensure hotels are of the highest quality, in great locations either downtown, near the beach or close to sights of interest. We make every effort to choose the best hotel available at every destination. Your hotel category is determined by your membership tier. You can always change this in our self-service portal, or by contacting us. Also remember that for individual memberships hotel rooms are booked for single-occupancy. So if you travel with friends, relatives or a spouse, just add the Companion Membership add-on to your plan and you can always bring someone along.

We choose the Activities Based On Our Experience

You could argue that there are too many activities to please everyone. Our experience tells us that there are many activities that you will regret. Activities always sound great on a website. But once you get there you realise its totally the wrong thing to do for the destination, the service is awful, or worse somebody ran away with your money. We know the destinations, we even know which snorkelling adventure on the Galapagos is the best - because we have been there. Members in a higher membership tier can choose lower tier activities as well. Please make this request at the time of booking.

With Trip Concierge You Never Travel Alone

The worst part of booking travel on your own is if something goes wrong. Who hasn't been on hold for hours with the airline due to a cancellation or bad weather. With us you are never alone, if something goes wrong on your trip, we are here to help. A simple text email or call will spring us into action. Whether that is rebooking you on another flight, finding alternative hotels, or getting you home in case of a medical emergency. We have you covered.

Trips Are Non-Refundable

You have 24 hours to change your mind. Once booked and confirmed, trips are non-refundable. You loose them if you cancel. We highly advise trip insurance for this reason. If you want to sign up to trip insurance, its not too late. Please contact us at 1-800-503-8173 or via email at ask@tripconcierge.co

Trip Insurance is Recommended

Although our higher member tiers automatically have trip insurance included, smart and smart international members may want to consider adding trip Insurance. Because trips are non-refundable, you want to ensure that you are able to recover the cost in the case of a medical, family or personal emergency. More importantly it provides you with peace of mind when you are in a foreign country. Our insurance is offered through Allianz Global Protection, one of the largest insurers in the world. Insurance coverage is an annual plan and covers all your travel, even ones not booked with us. The insurance coverage goes above and beyond any insurance covered by your credit card provider.

Membership is a 12-Month Committment

You can cancel early, but you must settle the remainder of your outstanding membership fee for a particular month. If you have a covered reason, you can recover the cost through your trip insurance coverage. Trip Concierge for Business memberships can be suspended for up to six months.