People from South Africa are heading home after the coronavirus pandemic left them stranded in the United States

April 29, 2020

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Trip Concierge

People from South Africa are heading home after the coronavirus pandemic left them stranded in the United States.


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WASHINGTON, DC. - International accounting recruiters Staffing Accountants brings young professionals to the United States to work from January to May, but when the coronavirus pandemic broke out, many of the consultants were without a way to get home after their job ended.

Thankfully, Staffing Accountants worked with Trip Concierge to get their team members home. Trip Concierge arranged for South African citizens to begin their long journey back home to South Africa. First by chartering buses from various parts of the country and flying them to their departure point in Miami, Florida. Then after a nights rest, the team flew on a special charter to three major cities in South Africa including Johannesburg and Cape Town.

“Commercial flights and international borders to South Africa have been shut down,” Trip Concierge CEO Thomas Schneider said. “We are now working with several employers and the government of South Africa to charter private flights to get people back into the country.”

Once the passengers land, they will be required to stay in quarantine for two weeks, with the process being organized by the South African government on the ground. "Repatriating our guests, even during the most difficult times remains one of our strongest capabilities as a business travel provider." said Rickard Antblad, Chief Operating Officer of Trip Concierge.


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