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A Day on Safari in East Africa

May 1, 2018

Written By: 
Trip Concierge

What's a day on safari really like? Watch this video to get an idea of how a typical day may unfold during a safari in East Africa.

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Every day on your safari, magical experiences unfold. From the spectacle of thousands of wildebeest crossing the Mara River on their great migration, to watching a pride of lions in Kruger National Park, to sitting on your deck watching the elephants go by in Botswana. Wherever you go in Africa, new experiences are waiting for you.


The rosy dawn is the perfect time to embark on a morning game drive. After your expert ranger briefs you on the wildlife you can anticipate, grab your camera and binoculars, board your all-wheel-drive safari vehicle, and begin your search for a Big Five. Soon, you are capturing photos of a lifetime. 


After all the excitement of your morning game drive, you’re sure to have an appetite. Return to your lodge for a hearty breakfast of fresh-squeezed orange juice, eggs prepared just as you like, and perhaps some melt-in-your-mouth pastries. Dine al fresco and observe the elephants padding down to the nearby waterhole to drink.


Relax and do as you please. Your personal butler and safari lodge staff are at your service, taking care of your every possible need. Dip in the refreshing infinity pool, join a guided bushwalk to learn the secrets of tracking, or simply lounge in your hammock, taking in the sounds and scents of the bush.


Join your safari companions under a cool palm-thatched canopy for a sumptuous lunch of local specialties and international favorites. Your world-class chef pairs organic produce with gourmet recipes, drawing upon European, Asian and African cuisine. Afterwards, perhaps stroll the verdant grounds of your luxurious lodge. 


As the animals retreat to the shade, spend a leisurely afternoon pampering yourself with a rejuvenating spa treatment, or explore the local community.  Visit a children’s school and the local village, or drop in at a wildlife conservation center to learn how its programs protect the animals, as well as create jobs and benefit the people.


Now that the day has cooled, rejoin your ranger for a game drive to photograph the wildlife in action. Seek out the stately eland as if forages among the grasses, video the young elephant calves tucked among their mothers’ legs, and search the shadows as your tracker scouts the leopard emerging from its siesta. 


Listen to the elephants’ trumpeting echoes across the savannah as you linger at a panoramic viewpoint sipping sundowners – the safari tradition of serving wine or cocktails as the sun sets. On your drive back to camp, observe in wonder as your ranger spotlights the nocturnal civets and pre-historic looking anteaters just beginning to stir.


In the lantern-lit dining room of your lodge, savor a delicious dinner of Pan-African cuisine and culinary creations to tempt every palate. Raise your glass of South Africa’s finest wine and toast your day’s adventures.


With a snifter of fine brandy, gather ’round the campfire and wrap up your evening with storytelling and stargazing. Behold the Southern Cross and Milky Way illuminating the velvety sky. Sink into your luxurious pillows and cool sheets for a rejuvenating night’s sleep. Your dreams are sure to be sweet. 



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