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5 Reasons to Avoid Expedia When Booking Your Next Vacation

May 1, 2019

Written By: 
Thomas Schneider

Booking vacations on Expedia sounds like a great idea, but aside from being an almost monopoly there are larger concerns that we have with these booking sites.

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1. You don’t get the best deal

What most people don’t know is that airlines and hotel companies pay to be ranked higher in their search results. So that “Feature” or “Daily Deal” really isn’t a deal, it’s just a sponsored post that the hotel paid for. Other meta search sites do the same.

2. You get served too much junk

Ever wonder why you get served 5,000 results of bad hotels with crappy reviews and then have to select 5 different filters? All you want is the best hotel at the best price in your budget category. Why don’t they show these first? It’s the same reason the milk is at the back of the grocery store. The longer they can keep you on the site, the higher the chance they can upsell you.

3. Your Trip Insurance Doesn’t Really Cover you

Many people buy the optional insurance at checkout, not realizing that other travel insurance providers give you much more for the same price. For the same price as that Expedia insurance, other insurance companies will also cover cancellations, delays, change fees, lost baggage, emergency medical and much much more.

4. You think you get choice by hopping to other sites, but you really don’t

We are trained to hop around on the web to countless websites to find the best deal. What you may not know is that they are all owned by Expedia. These include Hotwire,, Orbitz, Travelocity, Trivago, Venere, CheapTickets, Ebookers and many more. They show you the exact same results, but in a different layout.

5. Your price isn’t really your price

When you select that discounted hotel room rate, there is always a surprise at the end, because none of the rates ever include taxes, resort fees and local hotel taxes. The worst part is that sometimes the resort fees are higher than the actual hotel room cost – doubling your actual cost.

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