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Enrique Chavez
Travel Advisor
New York
1-800-503-8173 Ext. 704

About Me

Originally from San Diego, California and now living in New York City. I support all types of travelers with any type of experience. I have been all over the United States including over 25 States from the west to the east. I have also traveled throughout Mexico, Central America, Europe and Asia – Philippines. I have experience with flight travel planning – National and International, I also have extensive knowledge of corporate travel, completing over 200 trips. I am willing to host trips as a guide and know how to provide the best options to see each site for cultural, historical and culinary experiences.  

My favorite trips include getting married in Rome at The Vatican in 2015, touring throughout Costa Rica in 2017 and seeing the pristine beaches in the Philippines. I have also had multiple trips in Italy, Spain and Portugal including Azores Islands.

If you are looking to see the world from a unique perspective, then know that i am the person to contact. I can not only provide the advice and expertise needed to meet your needs plus I can book your complete trip.

Areas of Expertise

Leisure Travel

Family Travel

Business Travel


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